With the weather warming, you should make a quick springtime home inspection part of your spring cleaning routine. If you suspect or find big issues, you can call in profesionals like us, but a little maintenance every year can help you catch issues early and save you the time and expense of major repairs. Follow our 5 step Spring Checklist Below this spring.

home inspection checklist

1. Take a look at the roof and chimney

There’s no need for a dangerous climb on top of your home to check the condition of your roof and chimney. Simply take a look from ground level, and if necessary, use some binoculars to inspect the shingles and stonework. Roof shingles should all be flat in place and accounted for. Missing shingles or shingles raised in an arch shape (known as “nail-pops”) can indicate a decline in the health and efficiency of your roof.

In addition, seals between bricks or stones on your chimney should be free of growing vegetation, and all stones or bricks should be in tact/in place, as both plant life and gaps in the chimney’s masonry can indicate water damage.

2. Check the walls, foundation, and windows

First, take a lap of your home’s perimeter, focusing your attention on the walls. Check for water stains, as these can be a sign of ineffective gutters. Additionally, look for holes in the siding or stone, as they are often indicators of unwanted pests entering your home.

Next, take another walk around your home, this time inspecting the foundation from top to bottom for cracks in the masonry. Cracks of any size can be trouble, so act quickly, and with professional help, to resolve solve foundation issues.

Finally, look at each window on the outside of the home. Are they properly caulked and sealed to keep A/C in and summer heat out? Are broken screens allowing easy access to bugs? Quick and simple DIY fixes to your window seals or screens can mean comfort and A/C savings in the coming months.

3. Clean the gutters

Generally speaking, it’s smart to clear your gutters of piling debris every few weeks. While cleaning gutters, check for cracks in them and for water damage directly underneath the gutters; both can indicate a leaking gutter system.

4. Clear or replace your attic vents

Attic intake vents or “soffit” vents are crucial to the health of your home. They work to breathe in and filter cool air from outside of the home, and push out the warm air that builds up in the attic over the summer. Good attic airflow will reduce home cooling costs and moisture in the attic, and can also extend roof shingle life.

After locating your soffit vents, remove their filters and clean them with a pointed tool, like a screwdriver. Additionally, ensure that the vent opening is clear of debris after the filter is removed. If the filter is difficult or impossible to adequately clean, it can be replaced at little cost.

5. Give the inside of your home some extra attention

When it comes time for an interior spring clean, use the momentum to check for leaks in faucets, mold build-up on walls, and water damage in the basement. Spring is the perfect time to get a jump on home maintenance, so summer weather can be enjoyed to its absolute fullest.