Home owners and renters in cold climates know that clearing the walkway of snow and ice is a necessary evil. Along with respecting neighbors and supporting disabled commuters, the reasons for keeping sidewalks cleared extends to protecting the concrete slabs themselves.
man shovelling snow

If you’re new to clearing snow, or need a refresher on best practices, here are some simple ways to keep ice and snow off of your walkway.

Act quickly and frequently

The biggest mistake one can make in regards to snow removal is waiting for too long to do something about it. More time on the ground usually means more ice, and more headaches for you and your neighbors. So, deal with snow as it’s falling, and get to work first thing in the morning if snow comes overnight!

Clear it mechanically

When it comes to snow removal, theres no more time tested way than using a shovel and a little elbow grease. There are many varieties of shovel on the market for persons with back problems and different physical needs. If shoveling’s not your bag, consumer-grade snowblowers can relieve some pain from the process.

Treated sand or salt

Most of the time in heavy snowfall, shoveling will only do half the work. Ice underneath snow can be more dangerous and difficult to clear. Most pharmacies and hardware stores will have treated sand and salt (rock salt) available to help. Spreading one or both of these on icy areas of a walkway will aid in ice removal and increase traction in the meantime.

Hire a service, or a neighbor

If the work of clearing snow becomes too much, consider hiring someone to help! Not only are there many services to assist homeowners with the problem of heavy and frequent snow, but many kids earn their spending money by helping neighbors with yard-work for little cost.