As the temperatures rise and the days grow longer, there’s plenty to do in preparing for a comfortable and clean warm season. In addition to unearthing your fossilized swimsuit, follow these simple steps to ready your home for the changing weather.

mother and daughter preparing plants on a spring day

1: Check your A/C and air filters

With the extreme heat of summer right around the corner, it’s important to make sure your A/C and ventilation systems are in clean and working condition. Checking and replacing dirty air filters will ensure that fresh air can navigate your house, and any necessary air conditioner repairs will often be cheaper before summer arrives.

2: Test and maintain emergency alert systems

Spring cleaning offers a perfect opportunity to test and update alert systems that are often ignored by homeowners. Give carbon monoxide and smoke alarms a test, and replace batteries preemptively. Check the pressure gauge of your fire extinguisher, and run a test on your home alarm system. These simple steps will ensure the safety and health of you and your family in the warmer months.

3: Clean the gutters

It’s difficult to clean gutters in the winter, especially in icy climates. Spring is the time to get those hands dirty and remove build up from the colder months. Most debris can be easily discarded with gloved hands, but a pinched hose may be necessary to remove that last bit of grime. While your up there, take the opportunity to locate missing roof shingles and tiles for later replacement!

4: Examine the outside of your home

Destructive winter conditions can put stress on the glue that holds your home together. Do a sweep of the home’s perimeter. Look for places where trim around doors and windows has moved out of place or cracked. Check the home’s siding or exterior caulking, if these are failing or peeling away, it’s probably time to update.

5: Wash windows, inside and out

Over fall and winter, especially when icy, windows can build up a lot of grime, diminishing the amount of warm sunlight a home needs. Don’t just pay attention to the inside face of your windows! If necessary, hire a cleaning service to wash outside windows.

6: Examine weatherproofing and screens on windows

With heavy rain, bugs, and extreme heat on the way, the springtime is a chance to make sure your windows provide solid protection from the elements. While cleaning windows, open them up and see how the weatherproof strips held up over winter. Check screens for small holds or cuts, and replace them if necessary.

7: Examine foundation vents

Small, screened vents on the foundation of your home fight moisture, rot, and mold, while preventing animals from getting inside. In order to keep them functioning, clean debris off of them by hand or with a rake. Check screens and replace when torn or broken to ensure the continued protection from animals looking to enter your home.

8: Get ready to garden

It may still be weeks or months until your seeds hit the turf, but there are plenty of ways to prepare for the gardening season. Clean old leaves, sticks, and other debris from your garden and its surrounding walkways. Build beds, and designate borders for your different plants with garden fencing.

9: Clean and organize outdoor gear

Don’t waste prime outdoor time looking for the football or scraping gunk off of the grill. Clean, organize, and decorate your outdoor spaces and patio furniture before the weather is actually nice enough to use them. You’ll pat yourself on the back when that first barbecue goes off without a hitch!

10: Clean up everywhere else!

Spring cleaning isn’t just a myth your mother used inflate the chore count. The time spent inside, the rock salt, and the cold temperatures all put wear-and-tear on a home that can decrease its comfort and value. Mopping salt from hardwood floors can extend their lives. Sponging walls and light switches with antibacterial soap can kill harmful germs in your home and its air. Cleaning faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms will ensure your home’s water is clean and safe to drink.

Jumping into this spring, take the time to focus on the little things, and save yourself a headache down the line!